To engaging the educational community in the promotion, training, prevention and protection of Human Rights of women, children, teenagers and families in a comprehensive way, in order to live a violence-free life.

 To generate educational environments free of violence and discrimination, from a differential approach to live a violence- free life.

 To promote independence and freedom of girls, teenagers and women to make their own decisions and to actively participate in various educational instances where decisions are made that interest them.

  To agree on educational and pedagogical strategies for prevention, training and protection of the rights of women, girls and teenagers.

 To work as a network and in coordination with the relevant authorities and institutions to coordinate comprehensive intersectorial support measures in order to eradicate violence against women.

To coordinate and harmonize the guidelines and strategies of the education sector with the current national and international regulatory framework regarding gender violence.

To support educational institutions in the formulation and implementation of their educational projects and the redefinition of their coexistence manuals.

 To develop strategies to ensure continuity in the educational service for girls, teenagers and women victims of any form of violence, considering their particularities in ethnicity, race, age group, diverse capacities, displacement and rurality.

 To report any form of violence.